The National Nightlife Platform was created on the 12th of January 2017.

This platform is an area of reflections and suggestions that reunites local, state and European elected representatives and technicians concerned by nightlife, nightlife professional organizations, people from civilian life and citizens.

It offers a cross/interdisciplinary and expert approach to its partner members, in order that what is at stake at night shall be better understood. It also aims to build analisis and strategies keys so nightlife can become an asset for territories.

Culture, tourism, security, public tranquillity, transport, health, risks reduction, economy, training are among the subjects dealt with throughout the year by the Platform, a resource at the disposal of territories.

As it shares reflections and experiences, it allows experts, professionals, local councillors, citizens, local actors to meet each other. The Platform comes within an European framework and for this reason it lives on foreign experiences.

The Platform hinges on three working groups : « A responsible and citizen night », « An attractive night », « The governance ».

The National Nightlife Platform organizes every year the « National Nightlife Conference » in order to share its reflections and its work.

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