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University researcher

Jean-Michel Lucas, doctor of economic sciences, takes advantage of his experience in cultural administration (regional director of cultural matters, advisor of the French culture Minister, president of cultural associations) and in university research (University of Rennes) to defend people’s cultural rights. Under the name Doc Kasimir Bisou, he works to criticize cultural public policies that more and more limits its action to reinforce cultural attractivity and influence of territories. Towards this conception of culture as a production of goods and services, he advocates for another public ethic for cultural matters. He suggests other perspectives for public action based on a humanist approach of culture. A respectful approach of fundamental human rights, making cultural diversity the first resource of human heritage, in accordance with States commitments to UNESCO ! An active cultural policy, not to win market shares at the expense of other cultures, but to encourage a way to a better « Living together », made with more liberty, more empowerment, more creative and supportive economy.