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City Marine of Rotterdam

Rien van der Steenoven is one of the seven City Marines of the City of Rotterdam. City Marines are dedicated civil servants and work directly for the mayor and the deputy mayors on the topic of public order and safety. City Marines are assigned to a district or to a special topic (par example High Impact Crimes and undermining). Rien is responsible for the City Centre (including Central Station). The main topics of his work is managing public order and safety in the Night Life. Rotterdam City Centre has a relative large number of bars and clubs with a 24 hrs permit. The City needs Night Life and vica versa. It is a big joy to have and vivid City Centre but it sometimes collides with functions such as living, day tourism, shopping, working and entrepreneurship. Started in City Center in 2009 Rien setup cooperation between private and public partners to establish a pleasant and safe City Centre. He is still expanding this method par example on sound reduction and prevention violence. Always clear to facilitate where possible and firm setting the boundaries where necessary. Rien started in 1978 as a police officer. From working on the streets, after being a detective for long time Rien got promoted to Neighbourhood Police Commander for a part of City Centre. Later on he worked on the topic of terrorism, extremism and radicalisation for the police as deputy program manager and later on as program manager for the City. Rien formally started working for the City in 2010 after leaving the police force in the rank of chief inspector.